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  • 41% uplift in Facebook fans month-on-month, whopping 314% uplift YOY.
  • Facebook page impressions and engaged users remaining steady and up YOY. 
  • All back-end Facebook ad campaigns performing very well. High CTR, high number of impressions and low CPM. 
  • Instagram stats lifting as the social platform reaches its peak in popularity. Followers increase can be attributed to the volume of content pushed out this month and the high-quality imagery. 
    GOAL FOR NEXT MONTH: incorporate IG stories into the social media schedule, highlighting relevant menu items and upcoming events. 
  • Website traffic has increased month-on-month, seeing more unique users visiting the website. Top 5 pages visited for the month are; the homepage, menus, what's on, contact & functions. Followed closely by book online, gallery, locals, loyalty card sign up & make a booking.
    GOAL FOR NEXT MONTH: increase the number of pageviews for the functions, sport and gift vouchers pages. 
  • Sources that providede the most referrals to the website; Facebook, Blogspot, Linkedin, The Urban List and Bing. 
    GOAL FOR NEXT MONTH: invest in paid PR to increase referrals from digital media outlets. 
  • Database (collectively) sitting at 3,968 subsribers. Newletter database leading with the most subscribers, followed closely by the Loyalty Club. 
    GOAL FOR NEXT MONTH: increase Loyalty Club members to 2,000. 


1. Upcoming events
2. New menu launch 
3. Seasonal cocktail menu 
4. After-work drinks 
5. Functions bookings
6. Loyalty club 
7. Sport
8. Live music 

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